Septic Maintenance / Repair

Sewer & Septic System Maintenance in Seattle WA

You can rely on us for complete septic tank maintenance and repair in the Seattle area. Based out of Arlington, we service residents and businesses in Seattle, Everett, and the sounding areas. Our highly trained and county-licensed staff is ready to solve all the problems regarding your septic system. We stand behind our work and aim to please!

Hearing an active septic alarm or seeing water backing up in your yard or home can be stressful. It can be serious, like a sign of system failure. Either way, your peace of mind in troubleshooting the issue with an expert is important. Give us a call – our experienced team is happy to guide you through what might be causing the issue or take the time take a look and explain.

If you are relying on a septic system to effectively remove your solid and liquid wastes, you must keep it in good working order. A broke septic system, whether due to age, soil type, or use can lead to unhealthy conditions. Deteriorating components, damaged baffles, crushed / broken piping, or a surfacing drainfield can lead to premature failures!

Earthwork solutions is licensed, experienced, and eager to troubleshoot:

  • Septic tank repairs including faulty baffles, lids, risers
  • Damaged, rusted, deteriorating, or obstructed pipes
  • Identifying / repairing drainfield issues
  • Diagnosing and repairing panels, alarms, and pump controls